Five Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing Ministry

Five Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing Ministry

Some times I wonder if certain super-active, preaching Christians I know had no ministry platform or career to maintain would they even seek the Lord.  I believe that we should always question those whom we receive ministry.

The next time you have to make a decision about a ministry or a minister why not first ask one or all of the following questions:

  1. Would they still study that theological topic with any of that same zeal and intensity if they didn’t have to preach about it?
  2. Would they still exalt Jesus Christ if they didn’t have a microphone in front of them or the demands of the congregation?
  3. Would they still proclaim Jesus if they were in total obscurity?
  4. If they weren’t preparing to preach or go on a missions trip or gain the favor of the denomination or from their pastor would they even seek the Lord at all?
  5. if they had no ministry at all would they be about the Lord’s business? for that matter are they even about his business now or about their own and is Jesus merely a mascot for their ministry?

…the former proclaim Christ out of selfish ambition rather than from pure motives, thinking to cause me distress in my imprisonment. – The Apostle Paul

Of course these are questions of motives and no one can judge the motives of individual hearts with certainty except for God.  But knowing human nature and some of the motives for ministry I have observed and experienced I can’t help but wonder some times, what is driving this guy, is he a wolf…or a shepherd?

Gray Wolf (Canis lupus) group in snow, Norway

Gray Wolf (Canis lupus) group in snow, Norway


I do try to place a higher regard on teachings or writings from a Christian who is not gathering a crowd or building and defending a name of a ministry or a church.  I look with suspect ministry from people trying to meet the expectations of a demanding congregation.  I make more effort to listen and share contributions from a Christian who, out of sheer passion and love for the Lord, tries to share and reveal Christ for no other motivation than love of and cooperation with the Spirit.

There is very often a necessary shallowness to those who preach week in week out for years. Because to really dig deep in the depths of any issue around the Lord it requires extreme amounts of time and study, preferably with multiple people cooperating and contributing together. 

Multi-week sermon series from one, broadcast to multitudes of consuming and mostly idle congregants are necessary to keep congregations engaged.  They are needed to keep crowd entertained with short attention spans and desire for eloquence, but to really dig deep in the spiritual depths of topic concerning the Lord and to gain spiritual understanding it takes as long as it takes, sometimes years.

Topical studies often hop around and change monthly and leave a person with a broad but extremely shallow knowledge of scripture.  But for example, exegesis on a certain epistle from the New Testament, if done well, should take months of meetings with several contributors and teachers.

So next time you decide to receive the ministry from someone ask yourself one of the questions above or better yet ask them directly, what is your motive in this? Their heart just might be revealed to you.