Book Pre-Launch Update

Book Pre-Launch Update

I’ve been asked recently about the status of my book by friends and family.  The status is that it is still with the editor, good editors are busy editors so I am happy to wait patiently for her edits.

I do need help though in launching this book if I am to sell more than one copy to my very supportive mother.

I am looking for a team of 25-50 people willing to share on their walls in social media the eventual amazon link to the book or to the coming book launch page on this site.  If you are willing could you email me at your willingness or please comment below at the bottom of this post? If you’d like to review the book first let me know and I can send you a portion of the manuscript.

Here is an unedited excerpt from the book where one emerges from the Lord and speaks directly to the reader:

“There was a holy one in heaven sitting on a throne of solid Sapphire; there was fire and light shown all around him and it looked like a rainbow of colors emanating from his being (see Ezekiel 1:26-28). He looked like a father gazing with love at his children, he rose to his feet and said “My beloved sons and daughters I must show you more of who I am, I must reveal to you more of all that I am and will be.” From the beginning to the end I am revealed, the history of creation from start to finish laid out for all.   He took one step and a bright light pierced through his side, like the sun appearing suddenly, it was as if he were splitting apart, the light was too bright for me to look into.   It looked as if a person was emerging from the light from his side, similar to how Eve was taken from Adam’s side; with great joy on the man’s face, he looked radiant and light was shining from his face and clothing as this happened.  He was clothed in a robe of white and he approached staring straight ahead with determination and joy.  He said ‘I am found in him, I am of him and yet a part of him, I exist in him, I exist because of him.  I am not separate from him but only for this one moment to explain all that he is to you. What I do and who I am is of him alone.‘I came from him and am just one portion, one aspect of the Lord Jesus Christ. I find my place in him, he is my home and my dwelling place, I am in him and I know myself by him. He is my wonderful dwelling place, for all of eternity.’ This first man was called The Beginning…

The foundation and spirit of this book is found in the following verse in Paul’s letter to the Philippians.  Paul said this near the end of his life, knowing the Lord and making him known was still his only and greatest passion.  This writing style is also found in Proverbs chapter 8 and in other places.

Philippians 3:10… that I might know him and the power of his resurrection

This book is a book which reveals and honors Jesus Christ in a way I’ve not seen done before, we all are growing in our knowledge of him.  If knowing Jesus Christ and making him known is important to you then I would ask you to consider helping me to launch this book project in the fall.

Those who agree to this will of course get a free copy of the book, my deep appreciation and a promise of returned favor.