The Perception of Freedom

The Perception of Freedom

Freedom is a powerful and compelling force. I define freedom as the ability to do as I please without harassment or enslavement by any individual or situation. There are assumptions inherent in this definition. I cannot do whatever I want of course since we have laws and rules that we all agree to, in order to curb crime. What I think is more important than having total freedom is having the feeling of freedom or the perception of freedom. The ability to feel free from restraint and harassment is a powerful and liberating force. Feeling free to explore your interests and gifts is a major part of living life to the fullest. When a child grows older he/she begins to enjoy the freedom that we all are given. The feeling of freedom can be intoxicating; many children throw off parental restraints enjoying the new found freedom of adulthood. If parents went too far in the restraints often the child goes wild, sewing wild oats and making bad choices.

There are many things in my life that I’ve not felt free to pursue. Most of the not feeling free were around finances. A friend of mine once launched a successful business and became financially free. The adjustment was difficult for his child, she was so accustomed to being restrained financially the new found freedom to spend felt strange to her. The difference is in perception, perception of personal freedom frees people of mental clutter, mental busyness and imagined restraints. The family was now free but she was still stuck in the perception of lack and restraint financially. Every person should develop the perception of personal freedom to unleash untapped creative potential by making five liberating steps.

1)      Determine to focus on ‘inner work’.

‘Inner work’ is just another word I use for personal development, looking within, dealing with the emotional wounds or with weaknesses and strongholds that hold us back in life.

2)      Discover or rediscover how you create.

I am convinced that we were created to be creators. We may do this with art, with music, with science, with construction, with relationships, with forming companies, with creating and volunteering and with countless other ways… You are a creator, however life or mistakes or toxic beliefs may have that part of you under wraps, but it is in there, discover or rediscover what that is, write it down and tell someone close to you who will not discourage. If you don’t have a good support system surrounding you then email me at, I would love to connect.

3)      Imagine Freedom to Create whatever you wish, without restraint

Ask “what would it look like if I had complete freedom to create?” For example, I love to teach people, if I could study and teach all day long what would it look like? Well, it would look like this: “I would get up very early to study, I would break down the topic into smaller more manageable points, then people would come to me and I would teach them what I know, they would be receptive, I would be inspiring and life would be great.” That is one creative dream that I have.

4)      Write down what hinders

Imagining freedom in that area of life is fun, now ask yourself what is it that restrains you? Write that down, it could be lack of discipline, it could be lack of money, it could be an addiction, it could be an unfair situation. Whatever you believe it is write it down.

5)      Start creating anyway

Now ignore what hinders you and start creating in small increments, for my example above I can teach in little bursts, I may not have a huge audience, but I can teach my kids new things, I can teach my wife the things I know. This small baby step starts a perception of freedom to create (for me to teach) that is liberating, it is empowering, it is encouraging and it changes my entire mindset. Soon this part of me grows, I gain confidence, I improve my skills and people now come to me to teach on certain topics

I am now free to create and to do more of what I was created to do.

This is only an overview of the process but if you feel stuck or hindered; try this … it works!

1)    I have written an e-book titled Increasing Collaboration. There is a chapter for individuals to take the reader  through a process to increase collaboration. There is also a chapter for leaders to help them to increase the collaboraiton among those they lead. This book has useful collaboration models to help the reader to understand collaboration and trust.   We are in the final edit of this now. Sign up for my email list by June 15th to get a free copy before its available for sale.

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2)    I am creating an online course for discovering and releasing your inner creativity. This is a 5 module course delivered online or via email. This course will teach and take people through a plan to start creating how they were intended to create. Sign up for my email list to find out when this video course is available and to get access to early-bird pricing.
3)    Podcast rebranding, we are rebranding our podcast again. I am rebranding in order to align the podcast with the information business that I am creating. Of course I will still cover science, innovation, organizational health and social enterprise in this podcast, the podcast name is The Human Creativity Podcast with Adam Collier this aligns best with the direction I am taking my business. Podcast RSS feed is
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