For years I heard Christians bash other Christians for being liberal and for voting democrat for a variety of reasons. Lately I hear liberal Christians bashing conservative Christians for voting republican for other reasons.

Fixating our attention and focus on this silly federal government with its almost-irrelevant policies is learned and I believe we learn this at church. Demanding we get our man in the white house is akin to demanding we have a pastor that we like and who likes us. We jump churches (or fire pastors) until we find one to our liking and in our own image.

Presidential politics has become sort of exactly like fixating all our attention on our little church organizations with our superior pastors and looking down our noses at the church down the street that we disagree with on many topics.

Those governments and religious organizations founded upon and organized by man simply are not relevant compared with Jesus Christ.

There is a Jesus who is gradually increasing, making the governments of men irrelevant and making the traditions of man irrelevant.

Distracted Christians, as many of us are, have much passion about who sits atop the hierarchies in Satan’s kingdom. When we don’t get our man in power we tend to freak out and begin to behave in ways that are nothing like our Lord Jesus.

Don’t be deceived and distracted, set your minds on Jesus Christ not on things of this earth. Obsessing over politics is as addictive as it is destructive, it demands our attention, our money, our behavior, our relationships, our unity and our testimony of Jesus.

Obsessing over politics also diverts our attention to Satanic authorities and powers. 

Instead make Jesus Christ your daily obsession, constantly look to him every day, make knowledge of him your focus, increase in the knowledge of him, he is the future.



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