The Ministry of Judas, part 2

The Ministry of Judas, part 2

In Part I of this 2-part blog series we compared and contrasted the ministries of the Apostle Paul and Judas Iscariot. We highlighted the importance of death to self vs. serving God out of personal giftedness, talent and greatness. In this second part we will apply the same principles to serving God today.

To build a church on Christian’s natural “talents” (which many church leaders seem strive for these days) by default I believe actually prevents Jesus from building his church. Men building for God from their own resources is an entirely different thing from surrendered and empty men allowing God to daily rule them and work through them. Many today I fear are doing their own thing, with human power and ingenuity.

And to add a little insult to the Lord we kiss him like Judas did with fake affection and say “look what the Lord is doing!” as we proudly do our own thing.

Jesus set the example of how to minister and explained it in detail but it appears that Judas ignored it.

Do you not believe that I am in the Father, and the Father is in Me? The words that I say to you I do not speak on my initiative, but the father abiding in me does the works. – John 14:10

Another time Jesus taught that “he only does what he sees the Father doing” …and did absolutely nothing else. Jesus was empty of self and was completely consumed with the will of his father.

Another time Jesus said to the Father in prayer, “not my will but your will be done”!

Jesus himself laid down his natural gifting’s and will as he ministered, why do we think we can ignore that as we set out to serve and please God?

Repentance, the turning back, the laying down our lives is the answer; often even the “good and talented” parts of our lives need to be surrendered. That is what the Lord is teaching today and forever.

This concept is not popular, it does not fit into the ministry marketing plan as we advertise for volunteer church talent. We feel the need to appeal to the very humanistic things in people that God would want to die.

The truth is my best volunteer talents are filthy rags, they always were, I used them to serve him for years with ambition, zeal and with a clear conscience. I am not saying I was bad or sinning but I am saying it was a wasted effort compared with how he wants me to serve him.

The truth is Jesus is just not asking for that sort of trying and zealous effort. He has a new set of gifts for me, he has pure white robes for me after I live repentant with a willingness to die. I am to let my natural skill, my natural persuasiveness, my natural dreams and ambitions fade away unsatisfied and die in disappointment.

A man or woman who is not dead to self, who doesn’t know how to die daily will always abandon or betray Jesus just like Judas did. Its only natural.

Yes Lord, not my will, but your will be done.