What Jesus said about “the Gentiles”

What Jesus said about “the Gentiles”

I count five distinct times that Jesus mentioned the gentiles as he taught his disciples and others. When Jesus mentioned “the gentiles” he was essentially talking about humanity outside Gods covenant family.

Jesus said the following about “the gentiles”:

  1. They only love those who love them back, they do not love their enemies. (Matthew 5:47)
  2. They use meaningless repetition in their prayers thinking God will hear them by their much words. (Matthew 6:47) (notice how religious they often are)
  3. They eagerly seek for food and clothing and the things that money can buy. (money is their center)  (Matthew 6:32)
  4. They “lord it” over one another and their “great-men” exercise authority over them (notice all the hierarchy and authoritarianism). (Matthew 20:25 & Mark 10:42 & Luke 22:25)
  5. They were predicted to be used by God to execute judgment on Jesus himself, and on Jerusalem (in 70AD) (Matthew 10:18,  Matthew 20:19, Mark 10:33)

By these comparisons, Jesus contrasted “the gentiles” to his disciples and the kingdom that he was bringing to earth within himself.

It is vitally important to notice that these traits do not belong anywhere in the the ecclesia…the church. As Jesus is given his proper place among his people theses gentile traits will be pushed away from among God’s people entirely and eventually this will expand into all of creation.

Gentiles otherwise known as humanity outside of Jesus Christ has no real future. They were crucified with Jesus on the cross and are going away. There is a new humanity in the earth which is vitally connected with Jesus Christ.