Once Spoken Good News of Jesus Christ – Part II

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If you will accept it, here is the gospel of Jesus Christ as preached by Paul, compiled, repackaged, summarized and paraphrased from Ephesians 1-3:

There is something of great importance that I feel I must share about why we exist, about the very meaning of life. I feel compelled to reveal this to whoever will listen.  Human beings…you and I, are God’s chief creation, his chief work of art. He made us in his own image in order to expand the love and fellowship that he had, into a people and into this universe, it pleased him to create a family to dwell with.  God chose people based on his own pleasure to be his very own adopted children. It was we who turned our back on him, the entire human race, we chose sin and in doing we chose death, we chose and inherited hostility and  rebellion against God.  Then He decided to make peace with us available freely through Jesus Christ.  He did this for several reasons, 1) in order to create a people who would be a display to all the earth as his redeemed children, believers become a display of his grace and mercy to the rest of mankind. 2) He also created a people in order to put on display his wisdom to all the authorities, men and spirits, good and evil, and to all the people of the earth.  3) He also did this to make for himself a dwelling place on earth within the people he would create through belief in Jesus Christ.

When we believe in Jesus Christ we become set apart to God, we literally become God’s dwelling place, his new temple, his new home and his growing family on earth. When we believe in Jesus Christ we find new peace with God where there was no peace, we are made members of God’s family, and we can become near to God because of Jesus’ blood.

Now we even can fully know God and his thoughts and live by his life, and not only by our own life. We can approach him directly without go-between, and we can know his great love, and be filled with the fullness of God; his great power is on display in us, the same power exerted when Jesus Christ was resurrected. When we believe in Jesus Christ we become a new kind of human being, not a Jew, not a gentile but a third race of human with God indwelling.  When we believe in Jesus Christ our inheritance is great, beyond what we can even imagine, and we literally become seated with Jesus Christ in heaven.

So we can see that the process to become saved as explained in Romans is a subset of this much-greater narrative.  God planned all of this from the beginning.  His plan was and continues to be a family, a dwelling place, a bride for Christ and a display of his glory… fortunately for us it also does include him bailing whoever will come to him out of the hell that was in our future.

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