Four Reasons Every Christian Should Set Up a Blog Site

Four Reasons Every Christian Should Set Up a Blog Site


I believe that every Christian with a heart to serve God should consider setting up a blog site, I think there are (at least) 4 good reasons for this.  Before I go there, I want to emphasize that I am not saying that everyone should become a blogger.  Becoming a blogger is a separate issue, is not for everyone and is a topic for a separate post.

The online world is a relatively new phenomenon, Facebook has shown the public the power of connecting online.  Facebook has been a revolution for connectedness and communication.  Most social platforms however, limit and control how we can interact with the world, they are businesses and must do this to survive. They take advantage of our activities online to sell to marketers.  Facebook controls what we see, they control who sees our posts, they can turn the lights out or change the rules at any time, they have a right to do this because it is their network.  Who knows who has (or will have) access to our conversations on Facebook.

I’m not suggesting that we all get off Facebook or twitter I am suggesting that we own our online presence, we should control it, we should build it how we want it.  Every Christian with a heart to serve God should set up a blog site for the following reasons.

  1. A blog site provides a place on the web to call home that we own. Having a place on the web that is not subject to Facebook or other controlling and intrusive sites is and could become very important. Owning our own site gives us an online presence which enables us to share our message (or potential future messages) online.  Some of these we may not want to spray on Facebook, they may not be for a general audience, we may want to password protect them or just send links to select people.
  2. A blog site gives a place for other people to find out who we are and what our passions are. Look at it as a creative resume, as proof of our professionalism and experience.
  3. A blog site enables us to share our gifts or to share what God is giving us to share with the body of Christ and with the world. This is one of our responsibilities as children of God. When God gives us words of wisdom, words of knowledge or songs or teachings, etc.  we should be willing and eager to share these with others.  For the body of Christ, building a platform in the form of a blog is one great way to share “Christ in you”.
  4. A blog site can evolve into a business or enable opportunities in the future, start building now.

If you’d like help to get started down this path learn more by clicking here or leave a comment below.

What questions or reservations do you have about building your own blog site?