Unity After the Election?

Directly after the election of Donald Trump on November 9th, Trump, Hillary and Obama all called for unity among Americans.  That surprised me coming even from Obama, he seems to really be divisive.

But I think there is something much deeper going on and is originating within the church. As long as Christians are supremely distracted from Jesus Christ, division will continue and maybe increase.

We are distracted by “our ministries”, evangelicals are distracted by “preaching the gospel”, we are distracted by these good things and they cease to be good things if they distract from the Lord Jesus Christ.  Our distractions divide us because they separate us from the one things that can unite all of humanity and that is the person of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Obama was not the root cause of our national divisiveness, the church was. He was just the agent that made it happen…this time.

Christians distracted from Jesus Christ….this is currently planet earth’s #1 problem.

What happens when Christians gather together is the most important event in all of creation.

All of creation is eagerly waitingon us to look to him and to display him.


  • Hello Adam,
    Great post!
    This election was a tough one for me because I did not personally like Trump but wanted him to win never the less. I do not share the sentiment that he “can make American great again” and was a little alarmed at how many believers rallied around that proganda. It was your word on Daniel that you posted last month actually that gave me the confirmation that for Election Day I needed to pray and fast and instead of vote. I shared this with very few and am really glad that so many Christians did vote. I know it was the Church finally, hopefully, awakening and starting to earnestly pray that was the driving force behind this unlikely election. Now that this event has happened I am praying that the The Church will unite together in the person of Christ and be moved to be part of the power of His kingdom.

    • Thanks Leah for commenting, just saw this now, that election was rough, I think both sided have their relationship with Christ mixed up with their politics. Thanks for reading. A lot more to come.