Teacher-able, part 1

You heard it here first, a new word ‘teacherable’.  No doubt you’ve heard of the word ‘teachable’. 

The definition of teachable according to dictionary.com…


  /ˈtitʃəbəl/ [tee-chuh-buhl]


1.capable of being instructed, as a person; docile.

2.capable of being taught, as a subject.

 my new adjective ‘teacherable’ is defined as:


 1. capable and willing to instruct others

Notice I added the word ‘willing’, that’s the interesting thing about educating others, many are capable but few are willing.

If only in the R&D community there were more ‘teacherable’ researchers.  Many R&D organizations tout the fact that they have cultures of continual learning and collaboration. One step further is a culture that is ‘teacherable’.  We need more of that in our R&D organizations. We need researchers who are willing to collaborate but to also teach, not teach undergrad level basics but their current research, their current learning’s in their development work, not only to their managers in their monthly reports but to everyone who cares to look their way and they do this using a variety of tools.

Reseachers who are teacherable personify what it takes for faster innovation….more to follow.

Are you ‘teacherable? if not why not?