Secret Shortcuts To Becoming More Creative

Secret Shortcuts To Becoming More Creative


I believe that human creativity is the greatest frontier that is yet to be explored.  I know that is a big statement I realize most people think this is a pretty well understood topic; but I don’t think it is.  There is an ability to create within human beings that I believe we have only scratched the surface on.  A part in most human beings that is locked up and yet to be accessed.

I believe that we have only scratched the surface of the human creative potential. A tiny minority of people on this planet possess the vast majority of education and wealth and those with education and wealth are more free to access the creative side of their life.  What if that were not the case? What if all the human creative potential was realized throughout the world?  What if global politics did not hinder and squash the lives of people and of their God-given creative potential?  What if the deceptions and emotional abuse of people did not conceal their creativity for a lifetime?  Imagine if all of human creativity was active and vibrant and growing!  This ideal may not be realized until things fundamentally change on this planet and I am convinced they will.  But until that time, everyone can learn to become more creative. Even now rich and poor alike can learn how to tap into their creativity to improve their lives.

Every person can grow in their creativity by taking the following creativity steps.

  1. Determine to focus on ‘inner work’. ‘Inner work’ is just another word used for personal development, looking within, dealing with the emotional wounds or with weaknesses and strongholds that hold us back in life.
  2. Discover or rediscover how we create. I believe that we were created to create. We may do this with art, with music, with science, with construction, with relationships, with forming companies, with creating and volunteering and with countless other ways… You are a creator, however life or mistakes or toxic beliefs may have that part of you under wraps, but it is in there, discover or rediscover what that is, write it down and tell someone close to you who will not discourage. If you don’t have a good support system surrounding you then email me at, I’d love to connect.
  3. Document creative dreams?  “what would it look like if I had complete freedom to create?” For example, I love to teach people, if I could study and teach all day long what would it look like? Well, it would look like this: “I would get up very early to study, I would break down the topic into smaller more manageable points, I would create teaching products that help people.  Then people would come to me and I would teach them what I know, they would be receptive, I would be inspiring and life would be great.”
  4. Write down what hinders.  Imagining freedom in that area of life is fun, now ask yourself what is it that restrains you? Write that down, it could be lack of discipline, it could be lack of money, it could be an addiction, it could be an unfair situation. Whatever you believe it is; write it down.
  5. Start creating anyway.  Now ignore what hinders you and start creating in small increments, taking small steps of creativity consistently can get momentum growing. Before you know it you are becoming increasingly free to create and to do more of what we were created to do.

This is only an overview of a process I am developing, if you feel stuck or hindered just try this… it worked for me!

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