My Experience at SCORRE

My Experience at SCORRE

This week I attended the SCORRE conference with Ken Davis and Michael Hyatt in Orlando Florida.  Hands down, not exaggerating, this is the most rewarding and enjoyable conference that I have ever attended.  It was more of a 3-day intensive personal training in public speaking.  The SCORRE method for preparing communication can be used for speeches, for sermons, for blog posts, for podcasts and even in writing emails.  The word SCORRE is an acronym, each letter stands for a step in the communication process.


I wont share the system here because it is copyrighted material and I am not sure it is ok to publish.  The scorre system gave me more confidence because I was able to easily memorize the purpose, the structure and the flow of the speech. In the past my preparation was an anything goes approach.

On the third night I gave a speech to a small group of peers and our coach WITHOUT NOTES.  If you’ve ever seen me speak you know this is saying a lot.  I experienced a transformation of my speaking skills from this conference mostly due to the method of preparation.  Of course I still have a lot to improve but with the SCORRE foundation I am confident.

If you are in need of training or education on the topic of communicating, if you want to improve your communication style then I would like to persuade you to consider attending a future SCORRE conference.  Every person who wants improve their communication skills should consider attending the SCORRE conference for the following five compelling reasons.

  1. The first compelling reason is that the SCORRE conference has highly skilled professional speaking coaches.  My coach was Jeff Vankooten  @JeffVan45.  Jeff quickly identified my weaknesses and called me out on it, in a gentle  and constructive way.  He put us all at ease and gave us customized coaching specific to our needs.  The SCORRE coaches and staff have been doing this for almost 30 years and they know what works.
  2. The second compelling reason that you should consider SCORRE is Ken Davis and Michael Hyatt, I can’t say enough about these two men. Read their blogs, listen to their podcasts, I learn from them every time they speak.  Ken has a great story about living fully alive and is a great comedian and leads a fruitful ministry, purchase his latest book here.
  3. The third compelling reason that you should consider SCORRE is the effectiveness of the method.  The SCORRE method just works, and because it works it gives you confidence when you step on stage.
  4. The fourth compelling reason that you should consider SCORRE for your communication training is the venues, the conference centers for the Orlando and Vail SCORRE are world-class, amazing facilities, amazing food, amazing location.
  5. The fifth compelling reason to consider SCORRE is the give-aways. The generosity of the SCORRE leadership surprised me.  Every day they gave away dozens of books and tools to help people with their communication.  I was also fortunate enough to win the grand prize give away.  A ticket to Platform Conference and a stay in a cabin in the mountains of Colorado. I’m not sure how much this is worth but I am sure its more than I can afford, more than I deserve and to my family… this year it is a priceless answer to prayer.

My experience at SCORRE can be summarized with the word ‘TRANSFORMATIONAL’.  Register for the next SCORRE conference and you might have the same experience. Register here

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