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The Real Eating & Drinking

Jesus is the real food and the real drink.

Brain scientists recently demonstrated that information gathering in humans has very similar effects on the brain as when grazing animals find food.

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Just Helping Dad

I was out in the garden tonight, my son who is under 2, came out and “helped” me. When he saw me head out he just had to join me. Here was how he “helped”: He threw a rock at the pepper plant, he hit the gourds with a stick, he took a break to […]

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They Ate and Were Satisfied

The disciples worried, “how we can satisfy all these (~5000) people?” Then Jesus had them sit down then he turned five loaves and two fish into more that enough for thousands of people. He miraculously multiplied the food they had. “And they ate and were satisfied; and they picked up seven large baskets full of […]

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