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God’s Focus and Aim

Our Heavenly Father the Holy Spirit the 10 Commandments the prophets many others  All are aimed and are wholly focused and fixated on Jesus Christ.  Why then would it be ok for his people to relentlessly focus on self development?  It’s not ok, it’s a major mistake! This self we spend countless hours trying to […]

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The Nation of Jesus Christ

To know the love of Jesus Christ goes beyond knowledge, and lectures and memorizing. it takes a nation of people laying down their lives so they can pursue him and share him with one another perpetually. This nation of people is called the ecclesia and is not composed of audiences with professional religious gurus like […]

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Jesus Christ – An Acceptable Theory of Everything

I recently read the book The Theory of Everything by Dr. Stephen Hawking. this book is a good read from a brilliant scientist’s perspective about the origin and fate of the universe. This book is written from the historical perspective and progress of the institution of science. Hawking laments toward the end of the book that the […]

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