Be Optimistic…Be Creative

Optimism is a powerful catalyst for our creativity.  The presence of optimism is one way to identify someone’s mindset. Optimism is not something that we can easily drum up or fake.  We can however increase our levels of optimism.  Before we attempt to increase optimism we must probe inner thoughts about life, about our purpose and about what is coming in the future.

I’d argue that the truth about why we exist, the truth about the nature of the human-kind and the truth about the long term future gives great reason for unrestrained optimism about almost everything.  So we have good reason to be optimistic.

Optimism inspires creativity because genuine optimism liberates mental clutter and emotional wounds that often restrains creativity.

Optimism is defined as an inclination to put the most favorable construction upon actions and events or to anticipate the best possible outcome.

To anticipate the best possible outcome.’

Be optimistic,,, be creative this week.

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