Nothing Will Be Impossible

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In this story the Lord intentionally separated this large, united group of men from one another, his reasoning seems to be that they were united in making a name for themselves and he observed and stated the fact that “nothing which they purpose to do will be impossible for them”.   God did not want this to be, he wanted to limit them, as they were a people estranged and hostile to God.
Now imagine mankind united with God, in submission and in step with His purpose? What could be possible, what change could be brought about on earth?
I dare say with certainty that we’ve not seen this yet widespread, there may have been pockets here and there around the world but by and large we’ve not seen large numbers of men and woman who remain united to one another and who also are working to fulfill God’s purpose on earth.
God’s purpose on earth hasn’t change since the beginning. God created this universe for a reason, he created the earth and mankind for a specific purpose, and there is no reason to believe that this eternal purpose has changed.
Scattered throughout scripture we see references to God’s intent and activities before he created the earth. They are sporadic and seem to be mostly written by the apostles Paul and John.  Ephesians 1-3 is a great place to see some of these references.   From these and other scriptures some scholars conclude that God’s purpose for creating is essentially because he wanted to expand the love and the mutual love and fellowship that existed between God the father, the son and the spirit.
In timeless eternity God essentially decided to expand the love and fellowship of God into the earth, similarly we see a pattern throughout scripture, throughout the old and new testaments, God wants a house and a family to fill himself into on earth.
When mankind  is in step with God in fulfilling his ageless purpose, united and connected with his plan, surely nothing in line with God’s purpose will be impossible for us.  Now that is something to live for, not our will, not for our great name, but for his.