Secrets to Accelerating Learning Curves



This is part 2 of the Lagging Learning Curve Content, read part 1 here

Corporate learning curves are a complicated and sometimes confusing mechanism of corporate innovation. Multitudes of smart employees do not necessarily translate into effective innovations or prosperous companies.

Every innovation based organization can accelerate their corporate learning curve  by implementing the following two project leadership initiatives.

  1. The first initiative is to create one project document that all team members contribute to, a document where all learning’s are documented ongoing.  Call this document a learning’s library and refer to this often, feed monthly reporting information into this document and heavily reward employees who spontaneously report into this document.  Too much information is lost in the monthly report then disappears into “server heaven.”
  2. The second initiative is to create a culture of teaching. Most professionals enjoy teaching other people, teaching creates technical curiosity, teaching often creates a desire to impress and teaching is a great way to stimulate collaboration.  A culture of teaching will bring the corporate learning curve closer to the individual curves. Teaching will extract the intellectual capital from the minds of employees. This wealth of knowledge in the minds of your people is a valuable asset that a company may or may not be harnessing.

How does your company or department organization accelerate learning curves?

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