In this sixth Jesus-video Adam makes 3 more predictions about the future. Accepting that Jesus is the theory of everything which make sense of the universe, accurate predictions can be made.

Predictions 1 Thru 3, see video 5

  1. Jesus Christ will have an increasing importance in all societies of the earth.
  2. Jesus Christ’s teachings will be increasingly take over as the ideal (politically correctness). Yet he himself is almost always excluded.
  3. Biblical depictions of our material world will increasingly be accepted and confirmed to be true by science.

Predictions 4 Thru 6

Adam makes three more predictions IF Jesus Christ is the true explanation of all things.

4. Everything will be summed up by and within Jesus Christ, the future of all things will only make any sense within Jesus Christ. Religioins wont and don’t make sense, even a large part of the religion of Christianity.

5. All religions of the world will be gathered up and made to fit under Jesus Christ, all religions will be judged by all in relation to him. Anti-Christ will be defined in relation to him.

Whether we side with Anti-Christ or Christ, we are defined by him.

6. All philosophies that oppose him will be summarized and made fit within the religion of anti-Christ. Ideas of anti-Christ will become a worldwide religions will line up and fit within Christ.

This world religion will exist exclusively to try to stop him. Adherents to this world religion will oppose him at every turn until they are suddenly defeated. The only weapon his enemies will have against Jesus and his increase is murder of his people. But even that will be taken away from him and his followers.

Remember, we can only make these predictions because:

“It pleased the father that in the Son all the fullness in heaven and earth would dwell.”

And in Jesus Christ we have the absolute fullness of God.

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