Jesus as the ‘theory of everything.’

This is a follow on video to videos 3 and 4. In these videos Adam discussed two mysteries of the Universe as highlighted by Brian Green. Adam also proposed that Jesus Christ is an acceptable theory of everything. If we can accept (or assume) that Jesus is in fact the theory of everything. A powerful universe of insight about reality is opened to us. We can begin to make accurate predictions about absolutely everything.

Any theory when proven or accepted can be used to make predictions about the future. If Jesus is in fact an acceptable theory of everything then accurate predictions can be made. Adam begins to make some powerful predictions in this video and in the next.

Three Predictions:

  1. Jesus Christ will have an increasing importance in all societies. Believe in him or not, for negative or positive, all people’s, all nations will be defined by him.
  2. Jesus’ teaching and ideals will increasingly become the norm. That which is considered politically correct by the masses will increasingly be aligned with Jesus Christ. Whether they acknowledge or are loyal to him or not.
  3. Biblical depictions and descriptions of our material world will increasingly be accepted as fact. This will be seen in all religions, philosophies and scientific communities.


Please comment your thoughts below and share this if it blesses or inspires (or angers) you. To see the next three Jesus-based predictions for the future see video 6.

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