(open letter)

There is something I hope to make you understand of great importance that I feel I must share with you about why we exist, about the very meaning of life.  I feel compelled to share this: 

Human beings, you and I, are the chief creation of an all-powerful all-loving being; we (man and woman) are his chief work of art, we are actually created to display his own image in a visible universe.

God has revealed himself as a father, a son and a spirit.  And the reason that he created, the reason that he made us was to expand.  To expand the love, fellowship and the mutual indwelling that exists between the Father and the Son since before creation, he decided to expand into a people like himself and into a created universe, it pleased him to create a family and to dwell with and within it.  He made us but we promptly rebelled against him, all of us together inside of Adam and Eve rejected and abandoned him and we continue to do this. So our connection to God, with our very purpose for living was lost and forgotten.  

As a result of this the entire world is fully in the hands of evil, ruled and enslaved by evil. It is not too hard to see that the political, the religious, the authority systems of the world are in the hands of Satan. He has become God of this world. God of all the people’s of the earth, each generation belonging to satan by birth.

But in response to this great mistake and great loss of God he penetrated humanity through Jesus Christ and provided a way back to him. He the one who created us and holds all things together, put on human, like a garment and he played the role of savior.

We now are to abandon our own way, abandon our life and to enter the kingdom of God. We do this by renouncing our current path, we renounce our loyalty to the world controlled by satan. We surrender our life to and embrace Jesus Christ. By doing this we die and we cease to exist in God’s eyes, we are given new life in Jesus Christ.  We represent this death and new life by baptism in water, we die and are buried then Jesus raises us to new life found inside of him.

And they were being baptized by him (John the Baptist) in the Jordan River, as they confessed their sins. – Matthew 3:6

Jesus Christ personally is the only way given to reconcile and make peace with God through and by virtue of his blood sacrifice.

He didn’t have to do this but he did… for several reasons (Ephesians 3):

  1. He did this in order to put his people on display to all the earth as his redeemed children, to display his great grace and mercy to all of mankind.
  2. He also did this to put on display his wisdom to all authorities, to the spirits, and to all the people’s of the earth.
  3. He also did this to make his people into his very own dwelling place on earth. He lives and indwells his people.

When we believe in Jesus Christ, God’s plan to reunite us with himself, we become set apart, we become God’s dwelling place.  Also, his people, we who gather together for him become his new temple, his new home and his growing family on earth.  When we believe in Jesus Christ we find peace with God where there was no peace. We are made members of God’s household, and we can draw close to our creator again. 

Now we can fully know God and his thoughts and live by his life. We approach him directly now without a go-between, and we can know his love, and be filled with his fullness; his great power is now on display in us as we gather, the same power exerted when Jesus Christ was resurrected.  When we believe in Jesus Christ we become a new kind of human being, not a Jew, not a gentile but a human with God inside and with God living his life through us. 

When we believe in Jesus Christ our inheritance is great, beyond what we can imagine, and we are literally seated with Christ in heaven.  When we believe in Jesus Christ we are living in the future, as Jesus Christ expands and fills the universe the future kingdom of God penetrating the present through us.

There is no other name under heaven whereby we must be saved.  Renounce your former life of sin and slavery to satan; believe on and confess with your mouth that Jesus is the true Lord of the world and join the family of God within Jesus Christ who has promised to return for us one day.

Don’t delay if you’d like to respond to this please email me at collierak@me.com OR comment below.

this letter was written based on Matthew chapter 3 and Ephesians 1-3




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