For the past year and a half I have been working on this book, which is an extended unveiling of our Lord Jesus Christ. This book reveals him from the perspective of individuals emerging from his side. Below is an excerpt from the Introduction which explains the premise behind the book.


Imagine with me for a moment you come to church as you do every Sunday, your church is relatively small for your area, you have a pastor who is paid a low wage, you come to church and make your way to your typical seat, with you are about 10 other couples. The children are congregating in another room for lessons and games. The pastor makes his way out to his seat and the three worship leaders begin to make their way up front. Then suddenly all together at the back of the sanctuary you all see a bright light and it is as if the fabric of space itself of the building was torn and you all see within the tear a great one sitting on a throne.  Some begin to weep and be terrified and turn and face the throne and others kneel down, others begin to lay face down.

The pastor walks up to the vision and kneels with both knees and lifts up his hands. After about one minute the rest of the church does the same, all behind the pastor facing the throne. Everyone is silent and somewhat terrified. Everyone together begins to see with great excitement and anticipation a Holy One from heaven is sitting on a throne of what appears to be solid sapphire, with fire and light glowing all around him, as if a rainbow of colors were emanating from his being (See Ezekiel 1:26–28). This one on the throne gazes at his children who have gathered before him bowed down with great love. Then he rises to his feet and says, “My beloved sons and daughters, I must reveal to you more of all that I am and will be. You do not yet know me like you should. You do not yet see me as I am, but from the beginning to the end I am revealed. The history of creation, from start to finish, is my history among you and is laid out for all to see and to know.”

He took a step, and an exceedingly bright light pierced his side as if he were splitting apart.  One that looked like a man emerged from that light, like Eve being taken from Adam’s side (Gen 2:21), and like the blood and water pouring from his side (John 19:34) so the light flowed out of him. The face of the man who emerged from the side of the Lord was radiant, and his white robe seemed to shine with brilliance.

This man approaches you all, staring straight ahead with determination and joy, and says, “I am found in him, I am a part of him, I exist in him, I exist because of him, I am one portion of him. I am not separate from him but only for this one moment to explain all that He is. What I do and who I am is of him alone. I came from him and am just one portion, one aspect of the Lord Jesus Christ. I find my place in him, he is my home and my dwelling place (John 17:23), I am in him and I know myself by him. He is my wonderful dwelling place, for all of eternity.”

This first man called himself The Beginning and he told us amazing things about himself…

This book has been such a joy to write, there is no greater topic that I love to focus on than the Lord Jesus Christ, he is beyond description. I could write and explain him for all of eternity and still not cover the magnitude of who he is.

What is unique about this book I think is the fact that people come out of the side of the Lord and speak as if they are separate and distinct beings from the Lord for the purpose of explaining him better.

Forty different individuals emerge from him and speak similarly to the way that lady wisdom speaks in Proverbs chapter 8.  I got the idea of this book from Proverbs chapter 8, when Wisdom speaks as if it were a woman calling to men and even giving testimony to what happened during creation.


The Adam and Eve Reliefs on the Façade of the Cathedral of the Assumption, Orvieto

The Adam and Eve Reliefs on the Façade of the Cathedral of the Assumption, Orvieto

This book has changed my life in regard to how I view the Lord Jesus, only forty individuals emerge from the Lord and speak but there are many more who I could not fit into the book.

I also plan a follow up book where thirty to forty more speak and testify to the Lord coming from His side and another book where the painful or negative things of life speak in first person and also point the readers to Jesus Christ.

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