I believe that very many conspiracy theories are true, especially those involving govt or govt agencies. Especially if they involve stealing and killing.
But as sick and maddening and high up as conspiracies go, Christians are not to focus on them. We expose them when possible and we pray for truth to prevail but exposure of conspiracy is not a ministry from the Lord. It is a horrible and traumatizing thing to focus on the evil plans in place against us, it makes us live in fear and dread and isolation.

“Stealing, killing, destroying” is a summary statement from Jesus about  the general conspiracy set against us …always has been, that’s all we need to know.

The better focus for a Christian is what is Jesus doing today? 

I don’t care much what Satan is doing today,  I choose not to care. Compared to Jesus Christ he is like a mosquito trying to bite me as I go outside to garden. He is trying to suck life from me and inject disease, but I don’t focus on him, I swat him when I can but I fix my focus on my garden work.

We live within and around a humanity that God considers dead and going extinct.

But there is also a new humanity emerging in Jesus Christ, that we can be a part of. So now only He is to be our constant focus, aim and centrality, we get to make him Lord here and now by free-will surrender.

So relax, yes those evil plans are probably mostly true but Jesus is so much greater, so much more active and has so much better plans for us we can rest easy and be at peace just looking toward him.

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