New Creativity Course – Feedback Wanted

New Creativity Course – Feedback Wanted

Greetings from NY,

I am writing an online creativity course and plan to start video taping soon.  I am 90% complete with the content of this course which I’ve been working on for several months.  The course is a series of videos  of me teaching about creativity and its many “languages.”  My perspective on creativity is probably different from many because I am not artistic.  I am more of an analytical-minded person with a bent toward using science to create.  In this course there will be 6 modules with 20-30 videos.

There is a creativity test at the end to determine the student’s unique creativity language and several assignments to get the student creating.  I am looking for volunteers to give me feedback about the course before launch-day.

I want to get other people’s perspective about creativity courses.  Specifically, what is missing out there? What should I leave out and what should I consider adding, below is an outline of the course.

  • Module one: Everyone is a Creative
  • Module two: The Four Creativity Languages
  • Module three: Common Obstacles to Personal Creativity
  • Module four: Tools for Creativity
  • Module five: The Creativity Test
  • Module six: Using this Information, Next Steps

If you are willing to give feedback on this course send me an email at or comment below and I will send you to a page with more details of this course. Thank you

  • adam garey

    Hi Adam yes How much time and detail are you wanting?

  • Colliers2

    adam garey Hey Adam not a great deal of time I made a webpage with a detialed outline, I am hoping for outside opinions about anything missing in the market and in my content.

  • Colliers2

    Hi adam garey  comments were disabled, password is createmore any feedback is appreciated