Why you can’t access your creativity and what to do about it!

Why you can’t access your creativity and what to do about it!

Good morning, Have you ever felt like you are creative deep within but you just don’t know how to access that creativity?  If so I might be able to help.

I am writing an online creativity course and plan to start video taping soon.  I am 90% complete with the content of this course which I’ve been working on for several months.  The course is a series of videos  of me teaching about creativity and its many “languages.”  My perspective on creativity is probably different from many because I am not artistic.  I am more of an analytical-minded person with a bent toward using science to create.

In this course there will be 6 modules with 20-30 videos.  There is a creativity test at the end, similar to a personality test to determine the student’s unique creativity language and several assignments to get the student creating. I want to get other people’s perspective about this course.  Specifically, what is missing out there? What I should leave out and what should I consider adding, below is an outline of the course.

  • Module one: Everyone is a Creative
  • Module two: The Four Creativity Languages
  • Module three: Common Obstacles to Personal Creativity
  • Module four: Tools for Creativity
  • Module five: The Creativity Test
  • Module six: Using this Information, Next Steps

If you are willing to give feedback on this course send me an email at collierak@me.com or just comment below and I will send you to a page with more details of this course!