012 Podcast, Blogging At Work

012 Podcast, Blogging At Work

This is Adam Collier and you are listening to the social layer podcast helping your business to accelerate, to grow healthy and to use social enterprise networking (ESN).


  • I will be attending the SCORRE CONFERENCE in May in Orlando Florida
  • I am currently taking the course HOW TO PROFIT FROM WHAT YOU ALREADY KNOW with Ray Edwards, please take this course with me  I fully expect this course to revolutionize this website, to revolutionize our family income, and to possibly revolutionize the type of content that I share via blogging and podcast so please stay tuned and be ready for changes.
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Feature Segment: Blogging at Work

  • The best foundation to blogging is content marketing. Blogging creates waves of listeners. Blog at work in order to be helpful to your colleagues, to get noticed by leadership, to help you move up the ladder, to make your company and organization successful faster.


Three Reasons Why You Should Consider Blogging at Work:

  1. Share your expertise.
  2. Display your passion and set yourself apart from the pack within your company.
  3. Intentional content sharing sparks collaboration, relationships.


How to Blog at Work:

  • MS Sharepoint has a blogging tool available
  • If this is not an option try simple file sharing on Yammer
  • Another option is posting blog posts directly to the walls of your social networking group pages.


Content marketing with blogging creates waves of leads that are sometimes converted to customers for business.  Content marketing for employees can create waves of collaboration, waves of attention from leaders and possibly waves of raises and promotions in the right work culture.


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