7 things I wish I understood in my 20s

7 things I wish I understood in my 20s

7 things I wish I knew in my 20s … yet no one told me:
1) In politics listen to a diversity of opinions, and measure them by scripture. 

2) In most churches the pastors/priests have become like local kings, and they set the culture in their kingdom, not what you think it should be, if you are ok with them then it will go well with you, period, end of discussion. But this has little to do with Jesus Christ.

3) In spiritual life, pursuing Jesus Christ is the center, circumference and everything in between.

4) In relationships 95% of having a successful relationship is putting up, forgiving and over-looking, if you can’t or won’t do that nothing else really matters, it won’t work.

5) Try not to control your bad situations, be willing to be mistreated without getting angry and it tormenting you.

6) Never compare yourselves to people better than you, it just does not matter 

7) Unless it is life and death, do not borrow money, you can do without it.