God’s Eternal Purpose is Our Theory Of Everything

In my recent video series I make the case that Jesus Christ himself is Gods Eternal Purpose. I link this to The Theory Of Everything (TOE) popularized by Stephan Hawking. The universe and humanity was created for him. Based on this eternal purpose I make six Jesus-based predictions about our current and future reality.

Many in the world of science and theoretical physics are searching for what they call the Theory of Everything. This is a theory which links scientific understanding from a gravitational scale down to the quantum scale. If you don’t know what that means bear with me it doesn’t matter.

Theory of Everything is just another term to explain God’s eternal purpose. God’s purpose is linked to the existence of the universe and therefore speaks to how it formed and how it holds together. Theory of Everything is Gods eternal purpose and explanation of the universe translated to mathematical language. Theory of everything is the mathematics which represents reality at a gravitational scale and quantum scale, among many others. This theory can be found within Jesus Christ. He encompasses and contains it and it will be found in him.

So what’s the point?

The point is to understand reality and to make predictions.

IF Jesus Christ really is the Theory of Everything and is God’s purpose in creation. If he’s really the unseen dark matter or power that holds the universe together and is its sole purpose for existing. Then we can make predictions. If his increase is why our universe is expanding THEN we can know the future. Not only predictions about the future but explanations about our current reality.

When a theory is proven or accepted as fact predictions can be made. These predictions can accurately describe the future based on the theory. This is the value of verified scientific hypothesis.

In video 5 I made three predictions about the world in which we live.

Video 6 has three more predictions about the future.

In this post I will share four more predictions based on and assuming Jesus Christ to be the Theory of Everything.

It can be widely accepted that Jesus Christ contains the mathematical equation(s) which explain the origin, nature and future of the universe. These equations link the quantum understanding of the universe to the gravitational understanding of the universe. These equations will link past with present and future and will explain the purpose and originator of all things.

The extent that relativity and quantum calculations are accurate is the extent that they map to Jesus Christ.

Until Jesus can be translated to mathematics he is the container for those equations. These equations have not yet been translated to mathematical language. However, rest assured those equations have been given to us in the person of Jesus Christ.

Gods eternal purpose has not changed since the beginning. It has endured and is concentrated in the person and current ministry of Jesus Christ. Jesus is absolutely resolved to see this purpose fulfilled as planned from the beginning. All the attention of the father and the Holy Spirit are fixated on Jesus Christ. Humanity and some of the angles may have gotten off track but that wont last. Jesus Christ is what I like to call Gods Enduring Resolve.

The person and ministry of Jesus Christ is Gods Concentrated and Enduring Resolve for creation.

My Final Four Jesus-Based Predictions

5. The body of Christ in the earth is undergoing a massive transition back to what we see in scripture. This will cause a great divide between those who will return and those who want to continue with the current traditions.

6. The world will experience increasing turmoil as Jesus personally uproots and overturns the systems of Satan.

7. The progress of all the world will be intimately linked with the Christians in every society. Those who cooperate with Christ will gradually find success with God and hostility with man. Those who combat him will experience increasing distress as they side with the unstable forces of wickedness.

8. The demonic powers and authorities will become more and more active and agitated. Inspiring evil wherever they remain in control. Causing great distress for whomever is unfortunate enough to be subject to them.

What other predictions can you make?

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