007 Crowdsourcing | 3 Ways Sr. Leaders can Communicate with Social Networks

007 Crowdsourcing | 3 Ways Sr. Leaders can Communicate with Social Networks


In this episode Adam discusses crowdsourcing from different angles and three ways that senior level leaders can communicate clarity to their organization using a social network.


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Organizational Health Segment:


Social enterprise networks can be used by Senior leaders to communicate to their organization in at least three different ways.  Senior leaders must gain clarity for the organizations that they lead, the must then constantly communicate that clarity to their teams so that employees are well aligned with the vision of the company.  Three ways a social network can help with this communication:


  1. Over communicating clarity, constant communication is important to the health of a company, social networks can help a leader to keep the vision before the employees even on their news feed.
  2. Using the social network to communicate send the message that leadership is serious about communication, about networking and about internal collaboration.
  3. Using the social network sends the message that it is ok to use a social network with fellow employees, peer-to-peer relationships are important for improving overall employee performance.


Crowdsourcing Segment:


Crowdsourcing is the practice of obtaining services, ideas or content by soliciting contributions from a large online community.


The key to crowdsourcing is incentivizing participation.  Crowdsourcing concepts can be cross pollinated with and applied to a wide variety of industries and social problems.


Crowdsourcing can be used to generate ideas, innovation, funds, wisdom, knowledge, Adam goes deep and discusses government, communism and the early church.


What if we were to use crowdsourcing to replace our government with a voluntary system, no more elite Washington class, no more ever increasing governments and bureaucracies?


Adam also discusses cross-pollination, Tina Seelig (on Twitter @tseelig) from Stanford University teaches a free Creativity course, Adam mentioned her cross-pollination lesson from her Creativity course, check out her book here: inGenius: A Crash Course on Creativity and her Creativity course here.


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