004-Social Layer, Signs of Healthy Science, Podcast Name Change


In this episode Adam lists three signs of healthy science and three signs of unhealthy science, how to spot bad science and how to avoid it or better yet… call people out on it.


Adam discusses his re-naming this podcast from the science layer to the social layer podcast.

  1. Difficulty finding scientist interview candidates, everyone he’s asked… said no
  2. Adam’s has a passion for social enterprise social media and its potential to help in transforming corporate cultures, particularly in science/ high-tech innovation companies and he wants this podcast to be focused on this niche topic.
  3. Adam wants this podcast to better align with how he is helping companies with their online social platforms.


Adam discusses the Google+ announcement about forcing YouTube comment-ers to use Google+, Adam discusses a YouTube video on this topic and Google’s description of their Social Layer.


Adam gives his description of the social layer and why every company will need a healthy social layer going forward.


What alerts you to question the quality of a scientific report?


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