004 – The Four Creativity Languages [podcast]

004 – The Four Creativity Languages [podcast]

We were created to be creators! and we are gifted in different ways to create. There are at least four creativity “languages” seen in people, Adam explains these languages in this episode.


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Creativity Tip of the Week: develop your creative gifts by taking a free course, there are many schools doing this but Stanford University is doing a great job at this.

Creativity Tool of the Week: Canva, make info-graphics, artwork, special messages and even logos at www.canva.com

Creativity Foundations:

Creativity Languages are similar to personality types but speak more to life-purpose rather than just categorizing existing behavior sets.  Adam teaches that there are four creativity languages

  1. The Researching Creator
  2. The Developing Creator
  3. The Artistic Creator
  4. The Connecting Creator

The creativity test that Adam has created and included in his creativity course places the test taker into one of these languages.  A creativity languages connects life purpose with gifting or creative ability in contrast with most personality tests which just categorize the test taker.

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