003 Science Layer Podcast – Fed Govt Shutdown Good for Science? Organizational Health, Innovation/Ideation Software


Thanks again to Phil McKinney for the episode 2 interview, if you haven’t listened to this episode, check it out here.


Adam recommends the book “The Advantage” Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else in business by Patrick Lencioni, buy this book here.


Adam discusses three great innovation software options that he is researching:


  1. InnocentiveInnoCentive helps clients to engage a world of creative and diverse on-demand talent to rapidly generate novel ideas and solve important problems using crowd-sourcing and much more.
  2. Brightidea: check out the Brightidea Pipeline product for technology development teams, amazing product using social tools.  The Brightidea Innovation Suite is a collaborative innovation management solution designed around the business processes of innovation. Packed with features that drive continuous engagement the Innovation Suite is designed to maximize collective knowledge, drive idea execution through streamlined processes, and deliver measurable business results.
  3. IdeaJam by Elguji software drives innovation by helping companies understand which ideas are worth pursuing and which ones are not, and most importantly why.


The government is shut down, there is a lot negative about this particularly for the people who rely on the government as their source of income, but Adam discusses how the effect of this shut down may be good for science as a whole, in the long run.


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