001 The Science Layer Podcast – Introduction


This is the introductory episode of the science layer podcast.  I am beginning this podcast as a hobby primarily interviewing amazing scientists in industry, academia and the government.


This episode covers why I want to podcast, recent use of science as a political tool for certain people in the news media.  I also cover the scientific method (remember that?) and encourage listeners to get back to good science.


The term “science layer” is in reference to the unique organizational cultural “layer” that develops within organizations when large teams of scientists exist.


I expect this podcast to be 50 – 70% interviews with scientists and technology leaders.


Social enterprise software is making scientific collaboration easier if we are willing to embrace it in our day-to-day work.


Amazing Science Fact of the Week – Hyper Stealth Biotechnologies out of Canada is showing Canadian and US military recently developed Quantum Stealth Invisibility Cloak which bends light around the wearers to give the illusion of invisibility.


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