How Christians Gather Affects How Christians Behave

How Christians Gather:

How Christians Gather has a major impact on how Christians routinely behave. Much more so than I think any of us realize. Christian meetings themselves are designed by Jesus Christ to do many things. They are designed to disciple, to correct, to soften, to sharpen, to encourage, to provide for and to fill us with his life and his joy.

Nothing affects how Christians behave more than what happens (or does not happen) during our weekly Christian gatherings.

In every meeting are we?:

Large crowds of Idle listeners to a lifetime of sermons? OR Every member actively sharing Jesus Christ one by one?

Hearing legalist pleas to be better and try harder. OR Actively sharing of Jesus Christ by all involved.

Bringing “songs, testimonies, prophecies and everyone speaking up. OR Amatures in pews repeating after the religious professionals on stage?

Feeding one another Jesus Christ one by oneOR Demanding to be satisfied by finding the most personally entertaining “church meeting” we can.

The truth is that Jesus Christ has already defined how Christians are to gather. He demonstrated it in the gospels and taught about it in great detail in the epistles and in Acts. Even portions of the Old Testament refer to and outline it.

IF Jesus Christ is really our day to day Lord and not just a religious idea that we love. Then we will be willing to let him personally run our meetings of the future by his spirit who indwells every one of us.

If this post intrigues or even angers you then please reach out to me by commenting below or emailing me. This book by Frank Viola goes much deeper into this, an increasingly large number of people are seeing that it is time to Rethink how we gather.

Video 3 – Why is Universe Fine-Tuned for Life?

Why is the Universe Fined-Tuned for Life?

Adam shares his thoughts about an unexplained universe mystery. Specifically, why is the universe fine tuned for life?

Adam also shares a book he is reading by Brian Green The Fabric of the Cosmos. This book inspired this four-part video series.

“He is before all things and in him (Jesus Christ) all things hold together” – Apostle Paul in Colossians.

Jesus Christ sees all things, he stands outside of all things so that he can see all things. This is unlike us who are within something that he is not within.

In him all things hold together.”

I believe that this is a statement about space itself, that field of fine-tuned dark energy is within him. He holds us and all things together intentionally, he himself is the fine-tuning. He made space-time to be “like a fabric”, it is within him. We are just trying to catch up in our understanding of what he has done.

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